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Films about viruses

Working on today's article, I noticed that films about epidemics and viruses do not just stir up panic, but also make you think about important philosophical questions: what to do when it's scary, but you want life, what sacrifices you can make for salvation and what capable of a person in a pandemic in order to maintain human qualities.

I must say right away: some films are really scary and a big fan, others inspire hope that everything will end, while some are completely documentary and tell from a scientific point of view how to protect yourself from viruses and whether it is realistic to overcome epidemics.

What movies to watch in quarantine?

Let's treat the self-isolation mode not only from a critical point of view, but also as free time in order to watch films about epidemics and viruses, and especially in order to simplify your search, I have prepared a list of the best. There are people who are accustomed to regularly watch pictures, and some of them even revise repeatedly. And if in the final it is possible to take the deadly virus under control, then this is completely positive. And while the movie or the series on what is coronavirus, no, you can watch another movie about infections that make you kill, turn into monsters, as in the movie "Zero Patient", which was released in 2018.

Zero patient is the official medical term used to mark the first study that has become infected in a population. The first patients become infected from zero.

The best movies to make you think

You don’t even have to be a director to understand: the viewer will be affected not only by a large-scale scene, growing concern, but also by emotional drama. Especially for this, the script includes moments that allow you to get to know the hero closer in an emotional level in difficult life situations:

  • take the life of another to save himself;
  • help a friend / enemy or save yourself;
  • notice the symptoms of the disease in oneself, in relatives;
  • step over yourself, saving the world.

The directors take not only pictures, some of which beat box office records, but offer the best series, including not very long ones, about epidemics. I suggest leaving your attention to some.

TV series about viruses

Сериал Year of construction Country
Hot zone 2019 USA
Survivors 2008 United Kingdom
Insulation 2015 USA
12 monkeys 2017 USA
Itself 2013 United Kingdom

In addition to feature films, watch documentaries about viruses, such as Pandemic Threat. It’s quite informative, instructive and well shot, not surprising, because Netflix does not know how to make bad pictures.

Infection, 2011

Thriller is often remembered recently. The star cast from Matt Damon, Jude Law, Kate Winsent talks about how the virus spreads through fomites, and states literally every minute lose control over the situation, panic is growing, and the number of infected people is no longer even taken into account. As a result, a vaccine was found, but, of course, not everyone will survive.

Movie Infection

Virus, 2016

This film can be watched online and watch how the sisters Stacy and Emma come to their father's house, and an incomprehensible Chinese virus is raging around. Infection turns people into monsters, and now it is extremely important not only to survive, but also to preserve the best of humanity. How to escape from infection and is there a way out of this apocalyptic situation?

Movie Virus

War of the Worlds Z, 2013

The post-apocalyptic drama tells how the most bloody and terrible world war will take place. Brad Pitt played the main role, became the producer of the picture, the name of which can be explained from 2 positions:

  1. Z means last;
  2. Z is like the number 3, and means the third world war.

Movie War of the Worlds Z

Train to Busan, 2016

The film tells about the train and its passengers who travel from Seoul to Busan. The attention of the viewer is also kept by a little girl who, with her father, is in the carriage and goes to her mother. By a strange coincidence, Busan managed to repel the attack of the virus and 442 kilometers separate potentially infected people from the security place. Will everyone get there? The picture gives an exact message to the question of humanity during the apocalypse.

Movie Train to Busan

28 days later, 2002

Work in the science fiction genre tells how a monkey released from a laboratory infects everyone with a virus of uncontrolled aggression. Literally every minute you expect some kind of danger from the side of the screen, and I must say, the directors did a good job, forcing us to constantly be in suspense, worrying about the heroes and discussing difficult issues.

Movie 28 days later

Infection 2004

Japanese science fiction about viruses has become very popular in the country and even ranked second in box office. The action takes place in an understaffed small hospital where a patient with a strange black rash gets into. The final is quite strong and it is impossible to predict it to the end. The plot is confusing, sometimes even strange, but this is the difference between the Japanese horror.

Movie Infection

Virus, 2019

By genre, this picture is a medical thriller filmed in India. The story tells how a man with a mysterious virus gets to the hospital, infects 18 people there, of which 16 die. What will happen next with the infection and why are there people who are immune to the disease? About this in the film, which became one of the most successful over the past year.

Movie Virus 2016

Epidemic Series 2020

Since quarantine self-isolation If it happens for a long time, I propose to see the Russian novelty, which is already at the international box office and was sold in Cannes at the beginning of 2020 online. The virus entered Moscow, quarantine was declared, and Belokamennaya risked becoming a dead place forever. The story of how, by sacrificing many things, the father of the family takes his wife and child out of the city and I want to know: are there any chances to survive outside the metropolis.

The Epidemic Movie

I am a legend, 2007

The picture shows how an unknown virus turned half of the world's population into vampires, and killed the second. Watching such films about the apocalypse and survival, I always want to believe in a brighter future. An interesting directorial approach - the plot develops around one hero who fights at night with monsters, and in the afternoon searches for the causes of the epidemic and understands the reasons for his immunity to the disease.

Movie I'm Legend

Media, 2009

The story shows the adventure of 2 brothers who, together with the girls, seek refuge on a turtle beach from the spread of the deadly virus, which has already destroyed almost the entire population of the Earth. The audience monitors how the company is trying to survive, and some heroes even go to kill to survive on their own. I wonder how exactly the infection is transmitted and will love save me from infection?

Movie Media

Crazy 2012

The Korean film talks about how a deadly epidemic spreads first in Seoul, and then in other cities. If you are looking for films about viruses and epidemics on the convenient site Kinopoisk and pay attention to the rating, then this picture is optimal for the evening watching a good movie. The plot tells about how people are killed by the thirst virus. And as a dramatic branch - a story, like the daughter of the main hope of the world for salvation - physician Jae-hak, the first symptoms begin to appear.

Movie Crazy

Bird Box, 2018

The world has been living in darkness for several years, because it has been swept by a virus, forcing people to massively kill themselves. The story develops around a mother with two five year old children, who is trying to save them. The only way not to get infected is to close your eyes, but how effective is it? Whether the heroine Sandra Bullock will save herself and her children, you will know almost 2 hours after viewing the first frame.

Movie Bird Box

Quarantine, 2008

This is a remake of the Spanish, quite famous film "Reportage". The story tells that the inhabitants of the same house for unknown reasons got infected with a dangerous virus that looks like rabies. Each character is “drawn” quite accurately, which allows you to feel his emotions.

Quarantine Movie

It is interesting that the films on the list of non-existent diseases presented on the list, but about the most dangerous viruses, which were actually and took the lives of millions, can be found in the article on www.iqmonitor.ru. To summarize, many films were shot at a high level, using computer graphics, and the scriptwriters worked hard so that it was impossible to relax until the last frame. I hope you have found a suitable picture for yourself to watch today, tomorrow and a couple of weeks in advance. It remains to wish everyone good health, 36,6 and a happy end, not only on the screen.

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Comments (94) (Comments)
Irina (22.06.2020 to 17: 38)
28 days later, at one time was a cult, and now there are already many more powerful paintings. Although I do not argue, it’s intense, interesting. The war of worlds Z did not cause any enthusiasm, it would even say that it caused just disappointment.
Beallador (11.06.2020 to 09: 05)
Koreans and Japanese shoot as naturally as possible, sometimes even very and very nasty. They have realistic films about viruses.
Axbringer (09.06.2020 to 07: 28)
I liked the “bird box”, and what’s interesting is that it’s told that all this does not last a day or two, but at least 5 years. This is interesting. And about zombies it’s definitely not mine. And about the monsters that bite and turn people into slaves - also does not go.
Aleksfx (09.06.2020 to 11: 55)
Axebringer, Look at the Epidemic series, it’s straight well done, the current situation is similar to our situation
Jolkis (28.05.2020 to 13: 43)
I do not like films about viruses, because everything starts unexpectedly and in the same way. Type the virus spreads quickly, you have to run and save.
Aleksfx (29.05.2020 to 02: 59)
Jolkis, well, the meaning of the films is similar, but the main thing there is revealing this attitude of people, watching a Russian series and an American film, the difference is noticeable))
Umka19 (16.05.2020 to 19: 22)
Ohhh, and the series were picked up. 12 monkeys is a great series, very stressful. there already season 4 came out. Straight strong.
Aleksfx (29.05.2020 to 02: 59)
Umka19, I'm going to see this series, but it doesn’t work out) they say interesting
Blackpick (06.05.2020 to 14: 07)
“Quarantine” is a good movie, you have to watch.
Katherine (01.05.2020 to 17: 32)
I watched several films and series about viruses and epidemics. How all this is really scary! Here is the same series "Epidemic" directly at least show on TV so that people at least a little began to fulfill the conditions of self-isolation. I also really liked the Lapsi series. In general, films and series about epidemics were shot interestingly, excitingly, and there viruses are always defeated. I want it to be in life as in a film and soon!
Kedi (30.04.2020 to 19: 39)
I love documentaries about viruses, and the one you recommend watched just the other day. There is about the flu, about its strains, Spanish flu and why you can not come up with a universal vaccine.
Peron (29.04.2020 to 06: 30)
And I like the denouement itself, when it becomes clear why someone did not get sick, or something like they already got infected.
Vadim Pavlov (29.04.2020 to 04: 06)
A good selection of films about epidemics is worth seeing for everyone to roughly understand how events can develop.
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