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Author: Ganesa

Interview with the administrator of “Do not chase lightning-fast incomes and when every person in the team is important” (SCAM)

Namaste partners! Recently, you often write to me and say that you missed the heading "Interview", which includes conversations with the leaders of the most interesting and profitable projects. is one of them (in the future, I am confident on 100%) and according to the head, with the largest staff and even departments. Want to know how many people maintain the smooth operation of the site?

Author: Ganesa
Author: Ganesa

Interview with the project team (SCAM)

What does it mean “indecently long” to work in the HYIP industry, what moments are specifically limited in the site according to the experience of other projects, why insiders are evil and why the internal statistics of the work of administrators can never be made public - I am talking about this in an interview with the administrator of the Ellaos project.

It has long been on my blog of this format, and it's time to replenish it with answers to questions from project managers who are really “tasty” and worthwhile.

Author: Ganesa

Interview with the project team (SCAM)

Namaste! There is a good tradition on my blog - when the project is profitable and is not going to stop there, I am preparing an interview with its administrator. This is a completely new rubric that appeared on the GQ Blog Monitor in 2018.

Today I am conducting a virtual conversation with the head of Zonders and I hasten to tell you why he decided in principle to abandon the development of the project exclusively in the CIS.

Author: Ganesa

Interview with the administration of the project (SCAM)

My blog has traditionally published interviews with project administrators who show excellent performance in their work. This time, my questions were answered by the head of the Trust-invest site, with which more than 8 thousands of partners around the world cooperate, and plans to enter new horizons, including the Arab investment market.

About what attracts the manager himself in his investment offspring, what are the advantages of working with a brokerage company, about what it means “the primary task is to give a qualitative result” - in interesting questions and answers.

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