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Part 1:

1. Robert Kiyosaki. Rich dad, poor dad.
2. Robert Kiyosaki. Cash Flow Quadrant.
3. Robert Kiyosaki. Rich Dad's Investment Guide.
4. Robert Kiyosaki. The prophecy of rich dad.
5. Robin Sharma. A monk who sold his Ferrari.
6. Robin Sharma. Who will cry when you die?
7. Robin Sharma. Saint, surfer and director.
8. George S.Cleyson. The richest man in Babylon.
9. Theodore Dreiser - The Trilogy of Desire (Financier. Titan. Stoic.)
10 Andrei Ostalsky. A brief history of money.

Part 2:

1. Arterburn, Yorkie, Stocker - The Fight of Every Man.
2. Adam Jackson - 10 secrets of happiness.
3. Adam Jackson - Ten Secrets of Wealth.
4. Adam Jackson - Ten Secrets of Health.
5. Adam Jackson - Ten Secrets of Love.
6. Allen Carr - Easy way to lose weight.
7. John Kehoe - Subconscious can do anything!
8. Robert Kiyosaki, Letcher - Save your asset №1. Rich Dad's tips on how to turn your ideas into an asset.
9. Stephen Covey - Seven skills of highly effective people.
10 Alex Leslie - LIFE without panties. Mastery of seduction. Tin as it is.

Part 3:

1. Alex Leslie - New life without panties.
2. Kelly McGonigal - Willpower. How to develop and strengthen.
3. Novoselov - Woman. Tutorial for men.
4. Daniyar Sugralinov - Bricks.
5. Brian Tracy - Reaching the Maximum.
6. Robin Sharma - The Path to Greatness.
7. Ayn Rand - Atlas Shrugged (3 parts).
8. Alexander Sviyash (5 books).
9. Vladimir Dovgan - I was a beggar, I became rich.
10 Sergey Azimov - How to make money without start-up capital.

Part 4:

1. Aaker, Smith - The Dragonfly Effect _ Everything about the awesome promotional campaigns in social networks
2. Abramovsky - Practical Course on Time Management
3. Abchuk - 12 steps to your own business
4. Azarova - Time Management in 30 minutes
5. Allen - Readiness for Everything_ The 52 principle of productivity for work and life
6. Albrecht, Wentz, Williams - Fraud. A ray of light on the dark side of business
7. Anderson - Long tail. New business model
8. Appel - Defeating the financial market, how to make money every quarter. Short investment strategies
9. Bellafiore - One good trade
10 Yuschuk, Kuzin - Countering Black PR on the Internet

Part 5:

1. Isaacson - Steve Jobs
2. Altshuller - Stress-resistant manager
3. Vechkanov, Vechkanova - Economic Theory
4. Evdokimov, Starev - Earn on the Internet! Button bucks
5. Evdokimov, Starev - Contextual Advertising
6. Online Marketing at 100
7. Litvin - Profitable blog: create, promote and earn
8. Solovyov - First Persons
9. Tinkov - I am like everyone else
10 Engelgart - Sacred Commerce. Business as a way of awakening

Part 6:

1. Belov - Think Like a Millionaire
2. Burchard - Council for a million. Change the world and earn a fortune
3. Confession of an Economic Killer - John Perkins
4. Macroeconomics - Agapova TA
5. Ron - 7 Strategies for Achieving Wealth and Happiness
6. Ron - Vitamins for the mind
7. Ron - Business Philosophy
8. Rubstein, Sultanova - Anti-crisis training
9. Srivers - Monday is a hard day. Book-consolation for all workers
10 Economics - McConnell, KR, Bru, S.L.

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Eugene (30.05.2018 to 04: 00)
Book John Kehoe "Subconscious can do anything!" easy to read, easy to digest. She is not about the money itself, but about preparing her body for its adoption. Gives advice on how to build relationships with people correctly so that the pleasure of communication is mutual.
Agnia (17.05.2018 to 05: 29)
Constantly studying books about money. In them, millionaires often share not only the secrets of how to become rich, but also give good recommendations for all spheres of life. Stephen Covey's book, The Seven Skills of Highly Effective People, is an indispensable advisor in achieving success.
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