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Mutual assistance cash registers: what is a COI and how to work with them?

Among the various investment projects on the Internet can be distinguished in a separate category of mutual aid or KVP. Residents of the countries of the former Soviet Union know from personal experience or from the stories of older relatives / acquaintances that this is, and someone can remember how he participated in such a voluntary fund.

Today, the mutual aid funds have somewhat transformed and moved to the online plane, but has their essence and specificity changed? In this question we will try to understand further in the article.

Author: Ganesa

Online investments: passive earnings or money for the wind?

Online investing is a path of financial enrichment, which is widely perceived as something unknown and even dangerous. In fact, making money online by multiplying money is really possible, and in this article we will lift the veil of secrecy for you - it only remains to take a step forward and choose an easy and profitable way of earning or continue to rush between home and work. Do you belong to the first category? Then read more soon!

It’s a sin not to dream about passive earnings, because this is a real opportunity to make a profit without daily efforts. We all want a good, prosperous life, not a pathetic ebb of life from paycheck to paycheck. After all, money gives freedom, but how can you feel this freedom, if you earn it from morning to evening?

Author: Ganesa

Telegram bots - do they have a future?

Telegram Messenger is gaining increasing popularity, not only because of the ability to exchange messages with a high level of security, but also thanks to bots - programs that are able to automatically perform various functions.

It is this innovation that has become a mega-popular trend in the HYIP industry, and more and more projects are starting their personal bot on Telegram.

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What is Ethereum (Ethereum) cryptocurrency in simple words

The global community continues to think about how the Ethereum reward, announced the other day before 0,3 ETH, will affect the mining of cryptocurrency, and on the exchange rate, but even coin author Vitalik Buterin I am convinced that despite the February failure of the courses, capital still needs to be stored in crypto-stocks, and not in gold.

While we do not have detailed information on reducing the reward for the extracted broadcast, therefore, I think it's time to present material about ethereum cryptocurrency, especially since April 6 will be held the annual meeting of coin developers, there are a lot of rumors around, but even more want to get clarity.

Author: Ganesa

Where and how to buy Bitcoin: the most profitable and popular ways

“Buy Bitcoin” is one of the most popular search queries, because this running cryptocurrency caused a real sensation among the public. The reason for this is that the staggering jumps in the rate of the cue ball — literally in an instant, the owners of these virtual signs, who acquired them at the moment the cryptocurrency market began, became fabulously rich.

Well, today, when the cost for one Bitcoin has exceeded one thousand dollars, the general excitement has increased - everyone wants to have a Bitcoin wallet, change them and sell. Such mass hysteria raises a lot of questions: where to buy bitcoins, where to find the most profitable exchange rate and is it worth it to exchange fiat currency at all? Answers to all the question "Where to buy bitcoin?" I offer you in this article.

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