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Author: Ganesa

HYIP investor rules - what to do to get a stable income

Investors in online projects have long become full-fledged participants in the investment market, and many of my partners managed to appreciate the advantages of this type of investment. In a recent article I’ll talk about what rules will help increase revenue and minimize risks.

These tips, recommendations, whatever you call them, as for me, are mandatory for everyone - regardless of whether you invest $ 500 in total or work with larger amounts, are suitable for beginners and experienced investors and, most importantly, are collected and honed from their own experience.

Author: Ganesa

New and legendary admins of HYIP projects: who are these people, how much they earn and what can you learn about them

Reading the article, you will find out who the admins of the HYIP projects are and maybe even be able to determine for yourself which projects are the work of one and the same manager. They do not do their job for free, and I will understand how much they receive and on what the income of the whole team depends. Many people think that administrators are not just “mythical” people, but also super-millionaires.

In fact, not so, and not always the salary of the head of fabulous. What factors should be taken into account in the calculation of the benefits from the opening of your site - determine for yourself and assess in advance the potential profit. I will begin traditionally with an explanation of who these people are.

Author: Ganesa

What is fast HYIPs and how to earn them?

What is fast HYIPs and you can make a profit on them? Every newcomer who discovers online investments, studies types and their profitability thinks about it. I have repeatedly clarified: in spite of so many aggressive strategies for working with projects, you can earn good profits on them if you make rational and competent investments.

Fast means fast, and the key feature of the platforms is that the deposit is designed for a short period, starting from a couple of hours. Of course, nobody canceled the risks, about this and other important aspects of investments - I’ll say further.

Author: Ganesa

Types of payments in HYIP projects, their features and what investors prefer

Types of payments in HYIP projects - this is the way how an investor's withdrawal request is processed. Some claim that there are only 2 of the form: manual and automatic. There is an opinion that automatic payments are only an instance of an instant. On the one hand, the type of payment is a certain system that allows the investor to receive money for the wallet, on the other hand, it is a strategic nuance that is important for the manager at all stages of work.

When choosing a suitable type, the team takes into account the number of tariffs, the potential number of participants, the time period for accruing profits and the period when it can be removed.

Author: Ganesa

What is HYIP partisans and how to make money on the project "in the underground"

What is HYIP partisans - this material continues the training cycle, which will help beginners to learn more about online investing. In fact, HYIP partisans in 2019, as in the past year, are not so frequent, and if they do, they usually work well (force majeure situations also happen).

If there is something worthwhile, I immediately prepare a review and add it to my blog. Even without having huge experience in investing, you can note for yourself: such projects are immediately visible: they stand out either by too simple design, or by the long period of work indicated in the “Statistics” heading. About the advantages of working with platforms - on.

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