GQ Review - projects outside our blog

Author: Ganesa

Review off-blog projects from GQ - 06.07.2020

Namaste friends! Summer is in full swing, and online projects, as if everyone is on vacation, are not very many proposals, and those that have a number of questions. I won’t surprise you if I say that the situation is too boring and there’s nothing to choose from.

But this does not prevent me from finding for you 5 fresh projects that are interesting in some ways and openly unfinished in something. To make a decision to invest your money in them is only for you, and my task is to provide a choice, which, in fact, I’ll do now.

Author: Ganesa

Review off-blog projects from GQ - 29.06.2020

Namaste, partners! The market of online projects did not have time to get out of hibernation, as it entered the season of beach holidays and vacations. It is this impression that is formed against the background of a new number of sites and conditions that administrators offer. Everything is boring and monotonous.

Nevertheless, I chose for you 4 projects that are more or less suitable in order to invest money in them, but for various reasons they are not on the blog. Someone has too “bland” marketing, someone has not worked out the technical part. An interesting aspect is that they all have the same start. For some, there are insiders, for others, no, but the legends presented are diverse.

Author: Ganesa

Review off-blog projects from GQ - 15.06.2020

Namaste partners! Summer is marching around the planet, but apparently the season this year will not be as classic as always: the coronavirus, the crisis, and the hype market are not very cheerful, and I must tell you that it is very, very sad. Nevertheless, I am sure that the market will never be able to continue such “development”.

But at the same time, I prepared for you, by a good tradition, a selection that consists of 5 projects. In each of them there is something interesting, but at the same time there is something that is alarming or even frightening in order to invest: either the reputation of the leader, or technical training, or a rather high start of investments. First things first.

Author: Ganesa

Review off-blog projects from GQ - 22.06.2020

Namaste partners! Monday is on the calendar, which means it's time to explore opportunities for investing in the upcoming work week. For a long time now, I have first pointed out that the market is boring and unremarkable. This selection is no exception, unfortunately.

Today I have gathered for you sites that are somewhat good, somewhat dubious, somewhat attractive and risky. In general, it's up to you, and my task is to give you a choice. What actually I’ll do.

Author: Ganesa

Review off-blog projects from GQ - 08.06.2020

Namaste partners! The new week traditionally begins with the selection “Off the blog”, and should surprise you by saying that the projects “went”, “woke up”. This is even evident in the number of new sites over the past seven days. But what’s interesting is that they almost never get on blogs - more on monitors.

This situation can be explained by the fact that the authors of the blogs do not want to take risks by offering not-well-verified companies to their readers and partners, or simply site administrators are not so actively moving in the market and investing in advertising. Today, in the jubilee 25th issue, I will focus on 5 projects. Each of them has both strengths and weaknesses. You decide where to invest.