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Review off-blog projects from GQ - 24.02.2020

Namaste, partners! The traditional replenishment of the heading “Off the blog”, and I’ll say right away that the market is dull, sad and sad. I can’t even offer anything to myself and you to make money in this format.

But, nevertheless, I have compiled for you a list of projects that look pretty good, but you can only guess whether they will give a profit and even be able to repay a deposit. Somehow recently, sites are not that rare, they appear disastrously infrequently, and their preparation raises questions: either in technology, or in marketing, or in the reputation of the administrator. About 3 sites that have a little caught my attention, we will go further.

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Review off-blog projects from GQ - 17.02.2020

Monday on the calendar, "Out of Blog" replenished with new projects. To be honest, the market was a little “reserve”, if projects appear, they are uninteresting and even some are too “dull”.

Experienced administrators are still silent. But at the same time, investment sites come across that can potentially bring us good income. The horizon is clear, there is even a “lull”, but we hope that this is the lull before the storm - a surge in the number of new projects that will allow us to receive substantial profit and will be 100% fulfilled in marketing and technical parts.

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Review off-blog projects from GQ - 03.02.2020

Namaste friends! A new week, a new replenishment in the section “Off the blog”, and I’ll say right away that there are no insiders. I still love it when you can understand who is at the helm, what administration is working and what to expect from it.

As always, I will focus on several sites that can generate revenue, and in many cases pretty good. I must say that there are a lot of fasts in this collection.

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Review off-blog projects from GQ - 10.02.2020

Namaste friends! A good day to say a few words about the situation in the investment market, especially since he woke up, new sites regularly appear, and some of them are worthy of my attention.

The good news is that certain new products are well prepared from different angles. I bring to your attention the current selection, which appeared the other day from already familiar and new administrators, including foreign ones. Marketing, looking ahead, for every taste and budget.

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