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There is such a joke that not such a terrible Forex, how to write about it or trade for the first time. I think that there is some truth in this, and when you come across sites full of useful tools for newbies and professionals, like, this is actually a find and a rarity.

Immediately, what attracts attention is the orientation not only on complex mechanisms, but also quite simple with a clear interface that are suitable for those who are just learning the direction. And the fact that you can get the program for free by registering on the site and have the opportunity to work with the latest updated versions, of course, an excellent course of attention. What exactly the proposed authoring tools are used for and what is the uniqueness of the platform in the new review of my GQ Blog Monitor.

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Venture fund: how to attract risky investors?

The first venture fund was established in the USA after the war, and since then it has been recognized around the world that such investments are expedient and profitable. Nevertheless, the venture trend has recently come to Russia and neighboring countries and has not yet become widespread.

Needless to say, full lines of startups are lining up for venture investors who want to present their business idea - this segment of investment suffers from a lack of venture capital funds and many projects that could generate huge profits a priori remain just ideas that are not properly implemented.

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Investments in PAMM accounts - profit from trust management of PAMM for trading in the market

Investments in PAMM work on the basis of trust management, which makes PAMM accounts close to mutual funds, but the working period is not so long, and the size of investments is designed for clients with different portfolios. Keeping the principle of proportional distribution of profits and losses, you can get a good profit.

Estimating market indicators, the size of profitability from 20% per month. At the same time, there are certain risks of cooperation, about which I think it is important to tell in more detail. Some useful recommendations on how to choose a manager, how much is better to invest and what principle of division of working capital to choose - in the latest article of my blog.

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How to make money on trading and what is needed for this?

Despite the fact that MTC and altcoins are up to date on a daily basis, talk about how to make money on cryptocurrency trading does not cease; who is engaged in trade and what skills, as well as psychological qualities should be inherent in a specialist.

It cannot be said that in order to earn money on trading you need to graduate from a university, but nevertheless the experience and knowledge gained from courses, educational programs or trainings will not hurt. Next, I’ll talk about what traders are, how to choose the market, the trading system, and what it takes to become a professional.

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Buy Apple shares (Apple) - how, where, how much to make it as profitable and safe as possible

Buy Apple stock is real and does not even require a lot of money. When buying shares of Apple, as well as other companies, I recommend studying the chart online: the price change over the last 24 hours, month, year and since adding to the stock exchange.

It is important to objectively evaluate not only the top high and low values, but also to calculate the cost. Today I argue: why Apple is not only prestigious, but also liquid, despite market waves, and I will also tell: where to buy these blue chips and what are the prospects for the course. On the history of the company, records and falls - in the latest article of my blog.

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We are improving earnings on reviews and comments on the Internet: otzoviki sites, exchanges, axle boxes

By choosing online earnings as the main one, you can increase your income by leaving reviews and comments on the Internet, and my material will allow you to discover Top sites for this.

Some resources offer “free flight”, some expose the requirement to fill out a questionnaire for money, and some customers offer to buy comprehensively reviews with or without accommodation. Many such offers are on the Advego exchange.

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Overview and reviews of - P2P mutual lending platform: pluses and pitfalls

The platform is not the first and not the last in the Russian financial market that connects investors and borrowers: one allows you to quickly receive money online, the second - invest in order for them to work.

In my review, I will draw attention to the strengths and weaknesses of cooperation with such a platform, and be sure to summarize what there are reviews on the network. I must say right away: the site also has such a heading, and if you read it, you will see that absolutely all comments are about the positive result of cooperation, which leads to the idea that such messages are unreliable.

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Pamp and Bitcoin dump - a sharp increase and fall in the course and how you can make money on it

Pamp and bitcoin dump are concepts that go together and literally one after another. The main rule: behind every unreasonable, “bloated” growth, there will be an even greater fall, at which the “pampers” will profit. But even a cautious novice trader can try to make a profit on such a difference, the main thing: to open and close a deal in time without waiting for an even higher quote.

During the period when the PTS was not trading above 4000 dollars, 2018 was talking about Bitcoin pampers in December, when it rose from 3200 to 3800 a couple of days and even went higher, but in fact it was not unreasonable growth, and it did not go so fast . How to distinguish in advance the preparing scheme - read in my material.

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Forex Strategies - TOP Profitable Forex Trading Strategies on the Foreign Exchange Market

One of the most important components of successful trading in the foreign exchange market are Forex Strategies.

Each trader must have a chosen trading system to reach a stable and large income level, in which certain rules are followed during the opening and closing of positions for transactions. Thanks to the strategies of the forex market participant can objectively assess the situation on it and make the right decisions.

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PAMM account investment strategy, income secrets in PAMM

The result of investing in PAMM accounts directly depends on how successful the chosen PAMM strategy is. If you do not have a certain consistent plan of action when trying to make money using such an uneasy investment tool, then success depends entirely on the will of chance. Therefore, we always consider all investment options, and what is an investment? You have already read in the previous article..

When it comes to money, and sometimes rather big money, you need to arm yourself to the teeth and clearly follow the established strategy. Not only will you be able to earn income, but also whether your money will go back to your wallet. How to successfully invest in PAMM-accounts, read in this article.

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TOP 5 ways to monetize the site - what options to choose for a stable passive income

TOP 5 ways to monetize a site is a collection of ways that have been tested by me and my blog. I offer recommendations on how to set up a regular passive income and unleash your resource to the maximum.

It is important not only to work with search engines, but also not to write off directories of affiliate programs, contextual or banner advertising. In order for the monetization of a wordpress website to be effective, it is worthwhile to step by step figure out how to create a resource, how to launch it, enter it regularly, develop it and then make a profit on it.

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What is money management and risk management: effective strategies that are important for traders in different markets

In the new article I talk about what money management and risk management are and why these concepts are extremely important not only in trading, but also in everyday life. How strategies appeared, why they didn’t lose relevance over time, what rules added their initial list - all this right now.

Today, management is a rather demanded and simply necessary tool in various types of activities: time management teaches us to use time efficiently, money management to manage capital, risk management to reduce risks and consistently make profits without peak emotional periods. About the details of each of them - right now.

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What is bitcoin halving and what to expect from “halving” income?

An interesting word is “halving”, which allows you to control the level of inflation of the cryptocurrency and minimize the risks of its death. Of course, this concept is closely related to bitcoin, but other coins can succumb to such a phenomenon, embedded in the capabilities of the blockchain.

Although history knows an example when the network was rewritten to introduce this technical aspect. And it's time to talk about the peculiarities of the situation, because in May the world will meet with the third halving of bitcoin, and then other currencies.