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Netflix The Witcher season 1 - what fans and critics say

The series “The Witcher” has already been called the new “Game of Thrones”, and judging by the rating of season 1, the second has every chance of success. Although there is not much in common with GOT. Despite the fact that gamers, those who read all the books and series of stories from a Polish writer, did not always speak positively about the cast, then about the accuracy of the plot, the noise, the picture made significant.

After looking at the reviews, you can find those who literally “idolize” all 8 episodes, as well as those that shatter even the scenery. But I can safely say: the series has become a hype, and this is the bright conclusion to 2019.

Posted by: Ganesa - a cryptocurrency exchange with a wide direction, profitable rates and loyal commissions

Today I introduce you to a service that has been on the 1 market for the year and 3 of the month, and during this time I managed to build a reputation of a successful and reliable exchanger around me. is an online platform in which there are quite a lot of exchange directions, and reading customer reviews on various specialized sites and forums, you can understand that the courses are profitable, and the exchange itself is fast and reliable.

The site is “tied” to Russia, and the support service is quite efficient and competent. Plus attracted to work with bank cards and the ability to withdraw funds as a money transfer. What are the other strengths of the cryptocurrency exchanger, where exactly on the site you can exchange cue-ball, ethereum, lightcoin, ripple and other currencies - I will talk more about this later.

Posted by: Ganesa - cryptocurrency exchange with good rates, low commission and profitable bonus system

The list of online exchangers on the network is growing every day. Some of them offer low interest rates, good courses, but in fact the money is not credited to the client. Some only “keep the brand” at the very beginning, and then begin to work at an average, or even a lower level. All this is not about - the exchanger, which launched in early February, successfully entrenched in the market and during this time managed to build a positive and reliable reputation.

Looking ahead, I’ll say that the resource has a simple and intuitive interface, there are a lot of altcoins in the list, a good reserve for each position. Traditionally, I will start with general information about the service and its position in the online market.

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7 professions for quick money on the Internet - a book that provides choice and motivates

“7 professions for quick money on the Internet” is 7 of opportunities for remote work to become not a dream, but a reality. Looking ahead, I will immediately say that I was bribed by simplicity and comprehensive answers to questions. Details, deep immersion and training are needed when you have chosen something specific for yourself and decided to work with it.

Of course, this is not all professions (their number increases every year), these are the main ones - whales, from which the Internet industry starts; Without them, it is difficult to imagine the work of a site for the sale of clothing or a page in Instagram beauty salon. About how much you can earn and what features of professions and headings of the book read right now.

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Airdrop cryptocurrency - free distribution of tokens in 2018

Want to get free tokens? Then, without fail, you should pay attention to the real possibility - airrop cryptocurrency. Understanding how to get airdrop, you can replenish your piggy bank with new crypts and wait until they are added to the exchanges to start trading.

I am convinced that not only such giants as PTS and ETH, but also newcomers to the arena can make a profit. How to get tokens is absolutely free, and why we need such a strategy of attraction - in detail in the material.

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Berkshire Hathaway - What is the company whose shares are the most expensive in the world?

Berkshire Hathaway - what is this company and why is it considered one of the most successful in the world? I’ll talk about this today, and besides that, I’ll tell you how to buy shares of the holding and how much they will cost minimum.

I’ll pay special attention to the structure in which you will find many familiar brands. Do you want to know an interesting history of VN purchase, and how much did Buffett pay to the former owner, and what did you do next? This and much more is in this article, but at the beginning about the key facts of the company.

Posted by: Ganesa - information and expert portal for investment blogs

LBCHI is a well-known and popular abbreviation in the world of investments for Russian clients, since has already fixed it in the market. LBCH are the best blogs of private investors and getting into this list is considered quite a serious step.

This status allows you to develop, attracts new partners, makes a separate blog more popular, and its author recognizable.

Posted by: Ganesa - a cryptocurrency exchange with open chat, loyal commissions, support for the ruble and the dollar, an intuitive interface and functionality is a cryptographic exchange, which for the year on the market has significantly expanded the list of supported cryptocurrencies for trading, including new products with good prospects. The administration has provided a completely understandable and informative interface of the site, which will be important for those who are just discovering the world of crypto trading.

Among the things that are captivating: the stock exchange is suitable for both beginners and professionals and has solid chances to enter the tops and ratings of global sites with substantial daily turns. We get closer acquainted with the size of commissions, with working currencies and the benefits of choosing this particular service in the review on GQ Blog Monitor.

Posted by: Ganesa - P2P platform with an internal wallet for exchanging cryptocurrency for fiat is not just an exchanger with huge fees, it is a unique project that combines the possibility of P2P exchange and even an option for storing cryptocurrencies in an internal wallet.

And the fact that inside the system all transfers with zero commission is another significant advantage. About what else the service might be interested in, how to work with it and why it is important that the Escrow system is used to conduct transactions - you can find out from my material. But in the beginning about the most important information.

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Black Gross - an online store with a wide range of accounts in payment services, exchanges, bookmakers

We are used to buying a lot in this life. The Black Gross online store confirms this again, as it offers ready-made and verified accounts on payment systems, exchanges and services, the number of which has crossed over to 50 (!).

Of course, the service is popular among those who invest in online projects, and among those involved in the Internet business; suitable for those who place bets in bookmakers and is indispensable for those who play big at the casino, regularly withdrawing profits. In general, the contingent of the online store is quite extensive, and working with it has its important advantages, which can be found in the article, but in the beginning it is closer about the service.

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Bounty ICO (Bounty) Program - Heavenly Financial Delight

The crypto community is constantly updated with new projects and new investors. More than 30% of investors decide to invest in this or that project directly at its launch. One of the priority factors in this process is the diverse Bounty ICO (bounty) program.

The name itself, associated with the popular chocolate brand, associated with heavenly relaxation, delicate taste and rich life, does its work. Which platforms and tools are relevant and why attract newbies - a question that requires detailed analysis. What, in fact, I propose to do.

Posted by: Ganesa - information portal about the crypt. Everything and a little more about coins and how to make money on them.

All about cryptocurrency on one resource, and if in maintaining the theme of the blockchain on one information block. Playground is a regularly updated resource, which contains the latest news from the world of the crypt, a description of technologies, rates of top currencies, work of exchanges, ICO. Convenient and intuitive interface allows you to find answers to many questions. The “Cryptocurrency” column contains reviews of the most popular: from the history of appearance to forks and the current state.

“Blockchain and Fintech” allows you to get closer to the technology and understand how it can be useful in the financial and technical component. The “Mining” rubric opens answers to important questions about equipment and technologies for obtaining coins.

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EtherZero fork Ethereum ETZ: when Zero does not mean complete zero

Just a couple of years ago, many wondered what the fork of a cryptocurrency is and how positive it is. Today, everyone is accustomed to the fact that top crypts constantly receive branches with their own characteristics, an advertising campaign, promotions and releases, a course and a place on the stock exchanges.

One of the last forks of the currency of Vitaly Buterin and a team of 20 developers from India and Eastern Europe was ETZ, which works on the basis of a two-level blockchain. What else brought the fork, why it should be considered from the side of the coin and the site - we summarize further.

Posted by: Ganesa (Broker Finam) - a symbiosis of trading, analytics, investments and discussions

Broker Finam is a holding with a fairly successful reputation, and most importantly, practically not involved in any scandals. It is significant that the head and sole owner of the final, Victor Remsha, has been investing in various projects for over 20 for years, and besides, he is developing a business from different sides: his own radio, contextual advertising service, more than 60 of various funds and work sites, so it’s not surprising that the proposals from a broker Finam is so diverse that everyone can find a profitable one among them.

Among the interesting moments, it is worth highlighting the fact that is not only an information and analytical platform where you can read the latest news, learn about changes in quotations, but also become a participant not just in the forum, but in a social network that allows online traders brokers, economists and analysts to share relevant information while conducting trades.

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Finex (Finex) - a management company for working with ETF products

Finex (Finex) is a management company that provides Russian investors with the opportunity to work closely together and make a profit thanks to ETF funds. An interesting global indicator: ETFs make up almost 13% of the daily trading volume of securities. not surprisingly, the tool is becoming more popular.

On its website, the company offers the heading ETF University, which contains useful materials on the topic, work recommendations. Quite often thematic webinars are held, and you can pass a test on the knowledge of the intricacies of this financial instrument. I suggest closer discovering certain funds and balancing your portfolio. In the beginning, as a rule, with official information about Phinex.

Posted by: Ganesa - A Global Resource With Important Information About Online Projects

Before us is a resource with a fairly simple design, but at the same time, can be safely called an encyclopedia in online projects. It is here that you can find important information about the site of each platform, about how much money this or that site managed to attract today and yesterday.

The project creation date is presented not just by day, but by a specific time, up to minutes. In fact, as soon as a project enters the market, it immediately falls into the list of this global monitoring.

Posted by: Ganesa - the “box” of online projects - a resource with relevant information and the benefits of working with it

This is not just an information resource, an entire system whose main task is to collect data about online projects and submit them in an online format. And now, for several days, adding a platform for passive income to myself on, I look at project data on this resource.

I note that before giving the project to my investors, I read not only reviews about it, but also similar encyclopedic, online updated resources with important information about each site. I am sure, despite the fact that the resource was launched on August 26, it has every chance of success in the investment environment.

Posted by: Ganesa - fresh information and in-depth analytics of HYIPs on one portal

“Learning is light, and“ ignorance ”is sound,” so sound engineers sound joking, but investors are used to joining money and relevant information without special jokes, because without interesting, relevant, and most importantly verified data, it is difficult to make a profit. Portal keeps abreast of HYIP events and offers free analytical information to the novice and professional.

Personally, I can say that before adding a project to a blog I try to find out about it as new as possible from various sources, and this portal is in the list of workers and irreplaceable. What exactly impresses working with the resource, why the design is not so important, and what the integrated approach to the analysis of each site means, and also why it is important to track the dynamics of deposits and the average deposit size in the material on my GQ Blog Monitor.

Posted by: Ganesa - an exchanger with a positive reputation and a large number of currencies

We have before us an exchange service that uses modern and proven software, which eliminates errors and malfunctions. Traders, miners, investors, those involved in E-commerce deal with it.

Despite the short time on the market, the site has already received many positive ratings and real reviews. If you read what users write on specialized sites and forums, then a good course is noted, large reserves and the fact that the exchange takes place quite quickly. In the beginning about the features of the site.

Posted by: Ganesa - an overview of innovations in the P2P platform for investors is a striking example of a platform that began as a platform for issuing loans for tendering to various companies, and over time expanded the list of destinations. But the summer changes in the legislation of the Russian Federation narrowed the possibility of lending to the company to participate in the tender, but today the service offers to invest in loans for the execution of contracts.

In comparison with the previous tool, this one offers to invest money for a longer period, and the profitability remains quite high. Let me refresh you a little with what the company is famous for and why it is spoken positively in the context of Russian crowdfunding.