Posted by: Ganesa - a service for buying masternody shares or what is the benefit of "mining the opposite" service allows you to profit from investments in nodes. In essence, this is “mining the other way around,” but with a stable income, which is charged according to a simple rule: how much you invested in percentage terms — that is exactly how you got it. And given the fact that the beta-mode service, the work of the already familiar to us pool, it is logical to try to invest and make a profit, because the reputation of the team is reliable.

I think many, going to the site site, will pay attention to the fact that the structure is similar to the design HYIP project sites. But masternod and work with it is not a legend, but a very real direction. The uniqueness of the product, which is designed from scratch, is a weighty argument in the choice of this particular project, and what other important aspects to pay attention to - in the new review of my blog.

Posted by: Ganesa - Professional Pool Review

Constantly growing interest not only in mining, but also in quotations of world cryptocurrencies has become a priority in the organization of a reliable pool. Uniting in groups, special servers began to offer their members unique conditions for cooperation and loyal partnership programs.

What are the advantages after the generation of the next block opens - a professional pool for professionals, as the team positions itself.

Posted by: Ganesa - information portal about the crypt. Everything and a little more about coins and how to make money on them.

All about cryptocurrency on one resource, and if in maintaining the theme of the blockchain on one information block. Playground is a regularly updated resource, which contains the latest news from the world of the crypt, a description of technologies, rates of top currencies, work of exchanges, ICO. Convenient and intuitive interface allows you to find answers to many questions. The “Cryptocurrency” column contains reviews of the most popular: from the history of appearance to forks and the current state.

“Blockchain and Fintech” allows you to get closer to the technology and understand how it can be useful in the financial and technical component. The “Mining” rubric opens answers to important questions about equipment and technologies for obtaining coins.

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Finex (Finex) - a management company for working with ETF products

Finex (Finex) is a management company that provides Russian investors with the opportunity to work closely together and make a profit thanks to ETF funds. An interesting global indicator: ETFs make up almost 13% of the daily trading volume of securities. not surprisingly, the tool is becoming more popular.

On its website, the company offers the heading ETF University, which contains useful materials on the topic, work recommendations. Quite often thematic webinars are held, and you can pass a test on the knowledge of the intricacies of this financial instrument. I suggest closer discovering certain funds and balancing your portfolio. In the beginning, as a rule, with official information about Phinex.

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ICO Bank4YOU Group - mobile money transfer system MMRS (ISO completed)

The use of banks in our lives has become very familiar, although many are willing to admit that in modern realities this is not so convenient. The fast pace of life requires us to make quick decisions and actions that most bureaucratic financial institutions cannot offer. At the same time, dependence on third parties when making transfers makes us think about the security of payments.

But even in this form - with all its shortcomings and inconveniences - banking services are inaccessible to a large number of people from countries with a low level of economic development.

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ICO Telegram (TON) - scandals, intrigues, investigations

Traditionally, holding ico Crypto currency marked by a fairly complete information package, but in the case of the pre-stage of Pavel Durov, the ICO Telegram (TON) Telegram Open Network is somehow ambiguous. Scandals, intrigues and investigations haunt ico ton in all areas, from the team to the cost of the token.

The news related to the appearance of the crypt can be judged from official and insider sources. Gathering different opinions in one article, I tried to show what actually happens with Gram, how much the real launch in March of this year and what development forecasts are relevant.

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ICO ViMarket - sale of tokens from the 3D virtual goods market (ISO completed)

Internet commerce in our time has grown to unimaginable size - every second person actively merchandises in various market places and gets their purchases from the comfort of their homes. But in such acquisitions there is a significant drawback - we do not see our purchase until we pay money for it and receive it.

Unfortunately, the real look and functionality of the product does not always suit us, and here begins the burden of returning, exchanging, getting your money back. Solve this problem is taken platform ViMarket, which offers us to try a virtual thing before you buy the real! Further in this article I will tell not only what this innovative project is, but also highlight the features of the ICO ViMarket.

Posted by: Ganesa - fresh information and in-depth analytics of HYIPs on one portal

“Learning is light, and“ ignorance ”is sound,” so sound engineers sound joking, but investors are used to joining money and relevant information without special jokes, because without interesting, relevant, and most importantly verified data, it is difficult to make a profit. Portal keeps abreast of HYIP events and offers free analytical information to the novice and professional.

Personally, I can say that before adding a project to a blog I try to find out about it as new as possible from various sources, and this portal is in the list of workers and irreplaceable. What exactly impresses working with the resource, why the design is not so important, and what the integrated approach to the analysis of each site means, and also why it is important to track the dynamics of deposits and the average deposit size in the material on my GQ Blog Monitor.

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Jibrel Network - a network transforming assets into tokens (ISO finished)

The gap between the real and virtual world has recently begun to widen. Virtual communication, travels or purchases do not seem strange to us anymore, but so far the worlds are far from coming together. In particular, the physical and digital world has different values ​​and this is the key difference between the two planes.

But a confident step in the direction of their connection is offered by the new project Jibrel Network, which starts by selling its tokens, which you can also buy. What is offered to us and whether this is really a revolutionary idea is read further in the review.

Posted by: Ganesa - an exchanger with a positive reputation and a large number of currencies

We have before us an exchange service that uses modern and proven software, which eliminates errors and malfunctions. Traders, miners, investors, those involved in E-commerce deal with it.

Despite the short time on the market, the site has already received many positive ratings and real reviews. If you read what users write on specialized sites and forums, then a good course is noted, large reserves and the fact that the exchange takes place quite quickly. In the beginning about the features of the site.

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Robomed - Medical ICO Review (ISO finished)

There is no shortage of various ICOs to date. Daily start new projects that attract investment by pre-selling tokens. Those who sell interesting and promising projects have a heightened interest of investors.

In this review we will talk about one of them - Robomed.

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TravelFlex - ICO payment system and social network for travelers (ISO finished)

Recently, blockchain projects are more focused on practical application and are trying to find their use in real life. The ICO project, which will be discussed in this review, is also aimed at a very important part of our existence, because the life of a modern person is extremely difficult to imagine without tourism.

It doesn't matter where - abroad or strictly in the country - but almost every one of us devotes at least a small part of our life to trips. TravelFlex offers to significantly simplify the process of going somewhere and the financial transactions that it entails. In this case, we are not dealing with a standard token, but with a unique cryptocurrency with its own features.

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United Traders - ICO Trading Products Ecosystem Ecosystem (ISO Finished)

Namaste, friends! Today I want to tell you about the new ICO-project, which will start very soon and unlike most startups selling their tokens, is a real operating company, moreover, since 2009. United Traders said that they were about to enter the ICO, caused a real storm of emotions among investors and the public, and half of the existing tokens were sold during the presale.

What kind of project this is, why everyone wants to invest in it so much and how the sale of tokens will take place - everything will be discussed further in the review.

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VipDeposits - service for profitable cooperation with EPS

Namaste, friends! In this article, I offer you an overview of an unusual service called VipDeposits, whose services will be of interest to investors, traders and everyone who deals with various payment systems.

What this can offer this resource, and how it can be interesting to us with you - I will tell you everything in detail in this publication.

Posted by: Ganesa is the official reseller of cryptocars in the Russian Federation

Buy cryptocurrency wallet You can at the official dealer, but you have to wait a certain time, and pay for the delivery, and besides, as a rule, you can make a partial or full payment in advance. Despite the fast sending speed, no one can predict when a wallet for Bitcoin and other coins will be in your hand, so many traders, miners and investors prefer working with official resellers, one of which is Walletz.

The technology of cooperation with the site is simple: choose a model, read its description carefully, decide on a suitable price, make a purchase and wait for the manager's call to clarify details. For residents of Moscow and the capital region, the opportunity to start working with a hardware wallet is becoming a reality right now, because an order made before noon will be delivered today. What other profitable moments of buying cryptocrescents - further in the article.

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Automated and secure trading using the Wall Street Bot multi-currency robot at Forex4you - WSB review and reviews

The multi-currency robot Wall Street Bot is an automated program that allows you to make a profit with high diversification, and what else favorably distinguishes the adviser is in the review, and I’ll pay attention to what principal positions the traders who managed to install the program distinguish in their reviews.

The main task of the robot is automated trading with high manifestations of diversification and it is convenient that the service supports 6 currency pairs.

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Binomo is a popular binary options broker Binomo, 2018 reviews

If you have heard of binary options, then surely, the name of one of the successful brokers, Binomo, was also well known.

In this review, I propose to find out what kind of broker it is, what it is known for, and what it wants to offer us, unique and unique, as traders.

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Exchange Exmo - advantages and features of working with Exmo

Exchange Exmo (Eksmo) - a marketplace that has a sustained interest of the public. Although in terms of cryptocurrency trading, it is difficult for a trader to roam, as there are not so many trading pairs as competitors, but unlike most other platforms, Exmo allows you to trade with rubles, and most importantly, it has a Russified interface.

In more detail about what this exchange is of itself and how to work with it, I will discuss later in this article.

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Poloniex Exchange: how to work with Polonix trading platform?

Cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex (Polonix) takes pride of place among the trading platforms, and the number of its users is steadily growing. What caused such a success and the interest of traders? I propose to find out in this review of the stock exchange what it won the hearts of thousands of cryptocurrency traders, and learn how to trade on it yourself and earn an excellent profit.

Polonix Exchange

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Stock exchange cryptocurrency Binance - review of the exchange of Finance, registration, verification, completion

Binance cryptocurrency exchange has recently become a real Mecca for traders of various stripes. Experienced traders rushed here, having broken from their homes, as well as newcomers in this field who want to test their strength in a new field.

The general excitement around the trading platform for the crypt allowed it to break into the top three in terms of daily turnover, and I must say that Binans is definitely worth our attention. What is so special about this exchange and why everyone is so willing to deal with it - we will try to find answers to all the questions further in the article.

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