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When I prepare a review about the cryptocurrency exchange, I always pay attention not only to the interface: how convenient and informative it is, but also what “tricks” the administration offers, except for low interest; Attention to courses is also mandatory. ABCC - a cryptocurrency platform with a residence permit in Southeast Asia, which has already managed to gain popularity and a reliable reputation in our country.

Despite the fact that the exchange is still “young”, it can boast of a large number of trading pairs and high security. This is beneficial for the trader, the investor who uses the cryptocurrency market as an additional tool, the miner. I’ll start my acquaintance with official information - in fact, the exchange’s “passport”.

Posted by: Ganesa is an Bittrex Asian partner with an attractive bounty program. is a division, a company partner of the American Bittrex exchange. The site is aimed not only at the Asian region, but also at conquering it significantly and quickly. In cooperation with the platform, the interesting and generous bounty program that is being offered until the end of March also attracts.

In order to work on bitsdaq, you need to register, and a daily login to your personal account will give 200 HVAC. In terms of its functionality, the exchange is similar to many other platforms, and working with it is quite simple. About the nuances of getting free coins - my new material.

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Exxa: review and reviews - cryptocurrency start-up with a profit of 6-18% per month and own wallet

The crypto wallet is included in the list of investment projects of the blog, which, according to official information on the site, is a simple and secure portal to the crypto world. In its form, it is an ecosystem of modules that aims to create applications and make cryptography even closer.

The company is officially registered in Singapore. The site is configured on 3 the main areas of work: Travel, Digital Academy, Devo +. The project was officially presented on September 28 and has already managed to get quite optimistic reviews from real investors.

Posted by: Ganesa is the official reseller of cryptocars in the Russian Federation

Buy cryptocurrency wallet You can at the official dealer, but you have to wait a certain time, and pay for the delivery, and besides, as a rule, you can make a partial or full payment in advance. Despite the fast sending speed, no one can predict when a wallet for Bitcoin and other coins will be in your hand, so many traders, miners and investors prefer working with official resellers, one of which is Walletz.

The technology of cooperation with the site is simple: choose a model, read its description carefully, decide on a suitable price, make a purchase and wait for the manager's call to clarify details. For residents of Moscow and the capital region, the opportunity to start working with a hardware wallet is becoming a reality right now, because an order made before noon will be delivered today. What other profitable moments of buying cryptocrescents - further in the article.

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Hardware wallet for cryptocurrency - a review of the best cold wallets

Today, when the cost of Bitcoin is growing “like yeast”, hardware wallets for storing cryptocurrencies are becoming very relevant. After all, it is not enough to buy cryptomonettes, but you also need to be able to save them. And given their specificity, traditional methods of storing savings, such as a bank account or even a safe, are not suitable.

Nevertheless, the number of people who want to never part with their crypto-wealth is very large. Hardware, that is, physical, wallets for cryptocurrency will help to do this.

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Bitcoin Exchange -

Hello! GQMonitor continues to acquaint its investors with the cryptocurrency market and today we have one of the most popular exchanges called LiveCoin on our review.

In this article we will try to reveal all the features and benefits of this service, as well as help you register.

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Cryptocurrency exchange

Cryptocurrency exchange supports 78 trading pairs for exchanging bitcoins. Language support is available in both Russian and English (+ 7 additional languages).

You can exchange any currency for the cue ball. The project is present in more than 8000 cities in 224 countries of the world. All operations take place instantly, and commissions on the exchange are minimal.

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Bitcoin games - make money without investment

If you regularly work on the Internet, and even more so if you use office electricity, and not for which you have to pay out of pocket, you should consider Bitcoin games as a universal way to increase income, and that the most important thing with the interest of time spent. Regularly, the number of such game resources only increases, and among them there are those that require a starting one (albeit a minimum), but most offer to play without financial investments.

Speaking of where you can get a crypt: buy it on the exchange or in the exchanger, you can choose cloud mining and invest in it, we understand that in this case we work with larger amounts. Since Bitcoin games do not put restrictions on working at different sites, such an activity can be done, if not the main, then a significant additional source of passive income.

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Blockchain - what is it? Simple words about how blockchain works

The technical development of the world, the emergence of new cryptocurrencies, the launch of specialized exchanges, the holding of forks - all this is connected with the very technology blockchain, about which many have heard, but do not understand its essence.

Today we will try to simply explain the complexities of the blockchain concept and determine for ourselves why even special skeptics say that without it further development of the world will be practically impossible. And what is especially important, this method can become basic not only in the cryptosphere, but also in other directions. What exactly and what are its main advantages?

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Where and how to buy Bitcoin: the most profitable and popular ways

“Buy Bitcoin” is one of the most popular search queries, because this running cryptocurrency caused a real sensation among the public. The reason for this is that the staggering jumps in the rate of the cue ball — literally in an instant, the owners of these virtual signs, who acquired them at the moment the cryptocurrency market began, became fabulously rich.

Well, today, when the cost for one Bitcoin has exceeded one thousand dollars, the general excitement has increased - everyone wants to have a Bitcoin wallet, change them and sell. Such mass hysteria raises a lot of questions: where to buy bitcoins, where to find the most profitable exchange rate and is it worth it to exchange fiat currency at all? Answers to all the question "Where to buy bitcoin?" I offer you in this article.

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How to buy and exchange Bitcoin? For rubles, for dollars and cash in 2020. Bitcoin sale on exchanges and exchanges

Namaste dear partners! In this article I will try to consider all the options for output, exchanging bitcoin online. The topic is very popular, and a lot of partners write to me both in telegrams and Skype with the question: how do I exchange rubles in Bitcoin and vice versa.

The internet is full of fraudsters and pseudo-exchangers, so the article will contain only proven reliable ways to exchange and buy cryptocurrency.

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How to buy Ripple for rubles and dollars - convenient ways to work with Ripple cryptocurrency

Understanding the nuances of how to buy Ripple, it is worthwhile to outline for yourself the moment that since early May xrp almost every day pleases with positive indicators of the course. The fact is that BankDhofar, one of the largest banks in Oman, decided to use ripple technology to conduct foreign exchange transactions, and since the country plays a significant role in the financial world of the Middle East and the world, the green direction of quotations is quite logical.

Given the quantitative growth of the list of companies with which the ripple coin constantly concludes contracts, it can be said that crypts are good prospects, since the platform itself is constantly being improved. Today I am talking with you about how this cryptocurrency will help increase your profit and what you need to do to get xrp.

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How to store Bitcoins safely in 2020 - select and protect a wallet

Asking an important question whether it is possible to store Bitcoin on a computer, you can simultaneously find both supporters and opponents of such an idea. Of course, we cannot wrap these coins in a newspaper that does not attract attention and take them to a bank for storage in a deposit box, but we have the right to feel safe as owners of small (and even more reputable portfolios).

Regularly, news bulletins of informational publications shook the titles that someone “beat out” coins or demanded a ransom in bitcoins. What rules will help everyone sleep well and not worry about the safety of honestly acquired, we say further, and at the same time understand the nature of the cue ball.

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Ripple cryptocurrency (Ripple) - prospects, overview and advantages of XRP

Namaste, dear partners! Despite the fact that for the third month in a row the Ripple cryptocurrency does not make us happy with the green line in the course quotes, many experts (and I agree with them) say that it’s time to buy the currency and wait ... for that hour when it will fire.

A big plus in the prospective growth of the course is the fact that the company itself constantly encourages us with positive news: now new major partners, then the introduction of technology in the corporation, and just recently even a huge amount donated by the founders for charity. Since tokens can be calculated, and some world-famous banks have tied up this currency as a worker — we can talk about huge prospects for its development.

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Cryptocell - in which vault to keep coins?

Cryptocell is an invariable attribute of every modern person. Cryptocurrencies are no longer a wonder, they are confidently making their way offline, and the online space has long ago been conquered - buying goods for Bitcoins, investing in ethers or charity in monero is no longer surprising.

Digital coins have become a part of our modern life, here and there we hear about how to earn tokenshow to use a crypt and why you need a blockchain - to keep up with the times you should not reject these technologies, besides having a cryptocurrency is very profitable. But if you already read about cryptocurrency in general and in particular in more than one article of the blog and everything is clear with it, then there is some understatement in the question of storing the crypt. I propose to fill in the gaps and determine where it is safe, convenient and mobile to store your crypto money.

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Crypto portfolio and accounting cryptocurrency - time to clean up the investment!

The order in finance is one of the guarantees of a stable profit. This is not because I love silence, cleanliness and put everything on the shelves, but because, thanks to the crypto portfolio and accounting for cryptocurrencies, it is possible to obtain objective data about which transaction was successful and which brought even more experience.

A big plus is that once you have entered the control data, the system calculates everything on its own, and from anywhere in the world, logging into your account, you can see the changes, find out how much money is left to breakeven, and how much you earned in a specific period. And the data from the portfolios of other investors is a great motivation to work.

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Bitcoin online course: record changes, how and where to monitor, what indicators to pay attention to, history and forecasts

Today, many, even those who do not have reserves in cryptocurrency, are watching what course Bitcoin is online, because almost everyone has heard about yesterday's fall. Sometimes it seems that the attention to the crypto bank and quotations has already broken the most popular request: what is the rate of gold or dollar to oil, euro, platinum.

Of course, a strong loss in price and a decrease in capitalization cause passive moods, but if you recall the 2017 situation, in early October, the BTS were given 5,5 thousand dollars, and by the end of the year 19,2 $. In my material I recommend to evaluate the real courses, to follow the changes in quotations for the year, to highlight analytical opinions and expert assessments from the 3-x camps. All this is right now.

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Reliable and best Bitcoin wallet (Bitcoin) - how and which one to choose?

The main cryptocurrency, despite the authorities' scornful attitude towards it, is at its peak of popularity. Therefore, a bitcoin wallet (bitcoin) today is required not only to an avid crypto enthusiast, an active trader or a large investor - even ordinary users want to own a cryptocurrency and operate it for their own purposes.

To do this, you need to choose the most reliable and convenient storage, which today is quite a lot. In this article I will help you understand this diversity and find out where to store such precious coins.

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Ledger Nano S hardware cryptocurrency wallet review

Cryptocurrency wallet Ledger Nano S has become an indispensable “friend” for every confident user of the network. But not all of them can be fully trusted, and sometimes it is worth avoiding such a friendship. Online wallets, hybrid options, software clients - have a lot of advantages, but unfortunately, can not provide an adequate level of security.

These, already outdated, versions have been replaced by new, more innovative and practical hardware wallets, the security of which is the highest possible today. One of these wallets called Ledger Wallet and I got myself, and now I want to tell you about it in detail.

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Prizm review - Russian “fair” cryptocurrency with plans to conquer the world market

The crypto community is developing rapidly, and in the new review I propose not just to focus on the token, but on a full-fledged coin, with the help of which settlements are already taking place. Prizm has its own ecosystem, runs on the blockchain and is added to the Coinmarketcap site. At the presentation of the project as part of the blockchain conference in Sochi, 2 a year ago acted as a guest star Nikita Dzhigurda, who made it clear that he was very interested in promoting these coins.

To begin with, I note that the project inspires confidence, because it has a stable foundation. This is an investment tool that has every chance of success, because it optimally combines risks and potential income. Get to know Prizm closer.