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"The internal strength of the investor and how to increase profits with it" (Webinar 1)

A series of webinars - a new way to feel the ease in the investment business, to hear important words about the possibilities of your personality, to look into a new world of your originality.

GQ Blog Monitor and Speaker Violet Mirzaeva invite regular partners and newcomers to a series of free webinars.The internal strength of the investor and how to increase profits with it, Which will start in May.

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Berkshire Hathaway - What is the company whose shares are the most expensive in the world?

Berkshire Hathaway - what is this company and why is it considered one of the most successful in the world? I’ll talk about this today, and besides that, I’ll tell you how to buy shares of the holding and how much they will cost minimum.

I’ll pay special attention to the structure in which you will find many familiar brands. Do you want to know an interesting history of VN purchase, and how much did Buffett pay to the former owner, and what did you do next? This and much more is in this article, but at the beginning about the key facts of the company.

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ETF funds - what it is, classifications and how to make money with a tool

ETF funds are known to the world since 1990, when a new and rather unusual tool was added to the Toronto Stock Exchange. Looking ahead, I will say: this is like a universal share with shares of different companies. On the Moscow Stock Exchange, shares are traded since 2013, and today their acquisition has become simpler.

The advantages are high diversification, liquidity, minimum amounts for starting and the opportunity to purchase even a part of large companies. There is an option to buy etf, sell it, but such operations can be done only with the help of a broker. I will talk about other principal aspects and differences with well-known mutual funds in the article. And I will begin traditionally with the definition of a concept.

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Finex (Finex) - a management company for working with ETF products

Finex (Finex) is a management company that provides Russian investors with the opportunity to work closely together and make a profit thanks to ETF funds. An interesting global indicator: ETFs make up almost 13% of the daily trading volume of securities. not surprisingly, the tool is becoming more popular.

On its website, the company offers the heading ETF University, which contains useful materials on the topic, work recommendations. Quite often thematic webinars are held, and you can pass a test on the knowledge of the intricacies of this financial instrument. I suggest closer discovering certain funds and balancing your portfolio. In the beginning, as a rule, with official information about Phinex.

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Veeam Software - an innovative company of Russian businessmen, sold for $ 5 billion

I will start my new material about the successful technology brand Veeam Software with the fact that just a couple of days in Russia immediately appeared 2 dollar billionaires. They became Ratmir Timashev and Andrei Baronov. They received this status through the sale of their company to another, associated with the American Insight Partner Fund.

Despite the fact that the contract has not yet been signed, businessmen have already been ranked among the richest people in the country. It is expected that the transaction will be fully finalized in the first quarter and important details, as is customary in the business world, have not been disclosed so far. In the meantime, it's time to discover Veeam Software closer.

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Automated and secure trading using the Wall Street Bot multi-currency robot at Forex4you - WSB review and reviews

The multi-currency robot Wall Street Bot is an automated program that allows you to make a profit with high diversification, and what else favorably distinguishes the adviser is in the review, and I’ll pay attention to what principal positions the traders who managed to install the program distinguish in their reviews.

The main task of the robot is automated trading with high manifestations of diversification and it is convenient that the service supports 6 currency pairs.

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Shares of Boeing (Boeing), their cost and schedule of quotations on stock exchanges - indicators for the transaction

Looking at the Boeing stock chart, you can see that their cost is one of the lowest since the 11 September 2001 bombing of the year, and this is not surprising, since the crash and a series of bans on the use of aircraft immediately had a negative effect on the quotes.

For investors who are interested in long-term investments, this option is one of the most popular, since it is hardly possible to sink a commercial and industrial giant.

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Shares of Tinkoff Bank - how and where to buy? Do not lose on the course TCS GROUP

The bank, which was founded 12 years ago, is developing rapidly. This is evidenced not only by the number of customers, but also by the growth of the securities rate. Tinkoff Bank shares today are quite profitably entrenched in the market, and it’s better to wait with the new rate to work with them in the short or long term, or buy at the current rate.

A distinctive feature of the bank is that its founder, Oleg Tinkov, is initially focused on working with technologies and people, therefore the structure itself is positioning itself as an online financial services provider. There are no retail outlets in this system, which means that access to accounts and operations is provided from all over the world. About why to buy securities of this structure and where to do it right now.

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Alfa Bank is a simple investment - tools for any wallet, duration, type of currency and income

Alfa-Bank investments are available for the client from 100 rubles, so I can safely say that they are open to everyone. It is possible to cooperate with Alfa-Bank in different directions: trust management, precious metals and securities, mutual funds, a brokerage service that the organization has officially been offering for 25 (!) Years. In more details about these and other tools I speak in my new article GQ.

Choosing Broker Opening, or Direct, a trader and an investor wants to make a profit and entrust their funds to the hands of professionals. That is why I strongly recommend evaluating not only the conditions, the interface, but also customer reviews, as well as independent ratings. For example, Alpha broker in the top 10 throughout the country, and the bank itself “ahead of the rest of the world”: both by the number of customers, and the issued cards, and cash flow. Of course, the giant has all the documents for the activity. Choosing a partner with a license intuitively feels some kind of peace for investment.

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Alpha Flow from Alfa Bank - Investors and Borrowers reviews about Flow. Digital

Money for business is called Alpha Stream, and reviews and reviews suggest that this is a popular Р2Р platform that offers quick loans to borrowers and investors to make money on it. This service is not new to our country, and it is worth carefully analyzing the project, assessing all the advantages and disadvantages in order to finally determine for yourself this or that platform for cooperation.

Working on the market since the end of February, 2016, and the preliminary announcement at the end of 2015 about its launch, today the project is gaining popularity, even with the toughest times. At the same time, the authors focused not only on the speed of processing the application, but also on the title, having introduced the service stream by analogy with the movement of alpha particles in physics - quickly and orderly. What can be obtained, thanks to the site, and what risks of investments exist - further in the material.


Free and paid investment courses from organizations and authors with a high reputation

Investment courses - the opportunity to gain practical skills in investing. Training is organized not only by individual authors, but also by top companies. For example, Sberbank with 2014 conducts official educational activities under a license at Sberbank Corporate University.

Other organizations are not far behind. How beneficial it is to undergo training and who needs it - I will understand the material. I’ll tell you what are the features of paid and free, online and offline programs and give tips on how to find the right course.

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Business Angels - TOP business angels list in Russia

Business angels - this is what is called private investors, who are able to realize bold business ideas. And even though one may not believe in it, some modern and well-known large companies owe their very existence to such people.

In my article today, I would like to talk about such business angels, about which not so much is known. At least in comparison with the same venture capital investors. To shed light on this question, let's begin with a definition.

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Business on the Internet from scratch without investments - tips on how to provide yourself with a permanent job

Business on the Internet from scratch without investments - the ability to qualitatively change your life. Reading various books on how to make such employment basic, you will come across many positive examples that I recommend taking into service.

This direction immediately attracts 3 with its advantages: you do not need huge investments at the start, the ability to plan your day on your own and has great prospects. Over time, you can drag relatives, friends or hire people into your business.

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ETF exchange-traded investment and index funds - modern income tools for a Russian investor

Exchange traded funds are somewhat similar to ETFs, but not absolute synonyms. The index indicator plays a role - a specific index common to all companies that are part of the fund. Joint-stock companies can be from different industries, regions of location.

Exchange-traded IFs in 80% of cases use a diversification strategy; for comparison, every 4-th ETF-fund is speculative. When I sat down for this material, I constantly associated my text with trading on exchanges, large screens, where the index changes every second, an atmosphere of noise, graphs, analytics. I think many readers will have the same feeling.

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Which cryptocurrency to invest in 2020 year to get the maximum profit?

The question of which cryptocurrency to invest in 2020 is one of the most popular among investors. Today, the cryptocurrency market is the most profitable investment. The total capitalization of cyberdene is about 100 billion dollars. And this market is constantly evolving.

Experts further predict an increase in capitalization. How to choose a cryptocurrency to invest, from more than 1300 types of digital money the one that will bring the greatest profit? In this we will try to understand in the framework of this article.

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Venture fund: how to attract risky investors?

The first venture fund was established in the USA after the war, and since then it has been recognized around the world that such investments are expedient and profitable. Nevertheless, the venture trend has recently come to Russia and neighboring countries and has not yet become widespread.

Needless to say, full lines of startups are lining up for venture investors who want to present their business idea - this segment of investment suffers from a lack of venture capital funds and many projects that could generate huge profits a priori remain just ideas that are not properly implemented.

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Deposits of Tinkoff Bank - online deposits and their conditions in different currencies and terms of work

Tinkoff Bank's deposits are designed for newbies and sharks of the market, and you can invest both in rubles, dollars, euros and even pounds sterling. Tinkoff Bank compares favorably with the rest of its mobility, competent support service, bonuses. So, if you receive a salary on the card of this bank or you have the Black Edition, then during 60 days from the moment of opening (provided that the deposit is open for at least 1 a year), you can receive the 0,5% bonus.

We get acquainted with the current conditions for the current year, and choose a suitable deposit. Despite the fact that deposits in Sberbank, in particular, in rubles, received a higher rate since the beginning of February, cooperation with Tinkoff evokes more positive emotions for many.

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Profitable investment in Russia in 2020 - foreign investment in the Russian economy

Every year investments in Russia continue to gain momentum. The number of people who seriously think about how to ensure a comfortable life for themselves is constantly growing, and this is not surprising. One of these ways is investing, which is both efficient and does not require a lot of effort from you.

Investments in the national segment, on the one hand, are perceived as a way to support the economy of the home country, on the other - they are not always as attractive as offers from abroad. Nevertheless, I am convinced that you can find a good option for receiving passive income in Russia, and since we are told about improving the investment climate from TV screens and newspaper pages, we can choose several options that will provide solid financial support, and maybe secured old age.

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Where can I get money for a business from scratch or find an investor

Looking for money for business? Remember that sooner or later, if they are not from your personal piggy bank, they will have to be given away, or you must consistently and regularly pay profit. Before you still get the money to start a business, you need to calculate all the “For” and “Against” and select for yourself the most suitable ways.

It’s always fun, a bit difficult, but very few people, having tried such a direction once, come back to companies running by other people. Today, about where to really get large and small amounts, and what methods are good for your future site.

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Where to keep money, and how to increase it - so that they are safe and make a profit

Where to keep money and how to increase it is not just important questions, it is important aspects that allow you to save capital safely, but also with a properly chosen strategy you can multiply it. I am talking about the main ways that I use myself, and besides that, I answer the question: how many methods are optimal.

Let's talk about traditional foreign currencies and exotic, consider the effectiveness of investing in real estate and cryptocurrency, how to form a financial pillow and why you can not keep money at home.