• Weekly blog report for the period from 07.08 to 14.08: in search of stability

    Namaste dear partners! The summer is coming to its end and it can be stated that the calendar August days are two weeks away. Nevertheless, in the end, the crazy season still decided to recall its rights and badly spoiled my portfolio. Worthy projects, bringing profit, it still remains, but weaklings who did not survive natural selection, left the list of investments of the blog. This is not all the news that marked the past week, I will tell you everything in detail in this report.

    В поисках стабильности

  • Weekly blog report for the period from 17.07 to 24.07: catch the wave

    Namaste, my dear friends! The second half of July was noted in the investment environment by the turbulence. On the one side, the HYIPs show instability again, but the market of crypto-currencies has shown even more instability, which is subject to strong correction by coincidence of different circumstances. What just cost the excitement around a possible hard fork bitcoin, which, fortunately, seems to be avoided. Anyway, the week was eventful and it's time to put everything in order.

    Лови волну

  • Weekly blog report for the period from 19.06 to 26.06: the course on stability

    Namaste, dear investors! Now it's time to talk heart to heart, or rather, to outline the results of the success of last week in the GQ blog report. As always, it did not go quietly, there were events that affected the changes in my case, but it is worth noting that mostly these events were good. Only three projects left us and, despite the fact that the HYIPs were worthy and promising, the overall picture of profitability did not spoil their close. I will not open all the cards from the start - about all the details in order.

    Keep the course

  • Weekly blog report for the period from 26.06 to 03.07: july heat

    Namaste, dear readers of the GQ blog! Behind the first month of summer, and we are getting closer to a calm autumn for investors. It should be noted that despite the data-height of summer, administrators actively joined the work and it has its results. During the week, new projects appeared on the blog, which seemed to me very promising and, probably, they were destined to become sensational sites of autumn. We will see - and at the moment we can state that the work of portfolio projects is quite stable - only three HYIPs have gone to the scam, which gives us hope that the HYIP industry still has a future.

    Июльская жара

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