How to stay anonymous online?

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What is a tor browser? Anonymous onion program and how to download it?

Forbidden access to certain sites, tracking IP, bored sending cooki - this is not a complete list of what we encounter during daily surfing. Therefore, initially knowing what a torus browser is, how and where to download it for free, how to install and run it, you can significantly increase online privacy.

In the past few years, they are increasingly talking about informational hygiene and personal increased security. Due to onion networks, which are supported by more 6000 routers around the world, you can stay hidden or change your “geography” in the network. What other settings are interesting and useful?

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Workers Proxy and VPN for Telegrams - instructions for setting up

Proxy for Telegram is a special server that allows you to redirect user requests through servers of other states to bypass the blocking of providers. There is some benefit from such mediation: first, the proxy cannot intercept, decrypt, and listen to client traffic.

Secondly, the device from which the request is sent to the proxy is protected from network attacks. Thirdly, it is completely anonymous (by the way, many fraudulent sites use proxies as one of the steps to protect against law enforcement).

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VPN technology and what you need to know about it

Today, the use of VPN technology is becoming more popular than ever. Someone with its help gets access to blocked sites, someone is trying to preserve anonymity, and someone to increase network security.

It would seem that there is no need to explain this abbreviation, although not everyone can clearly explain what it is, what it is for, and what are the advantages of using a VPN. Let's try to figure it out together.

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How to bypass the telegram lock - paths for Russian users

The question of how to bypass the telegram lock remains relevant. Watchful Roskomnadzor does not leave attempts to monitor the personal life of citizens, actively blocking various Internet resources that are of interest to ordinary users.

Telegram blocking is one of the most sensational events of this year: a long standoff with supervisory authorities only fueled the interest of the public, increasing the number of downloads and the audience of regular users to record levels. For those who are not in the subject - I will tell you what Telegram is and how to bypass the application lock.

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Darknet (Darknet) - what they are looking for and find on the other side of the Internet

Darknet, Darknet, Darkweb and a dozen more synonyms - all this is the name of the same, namely the totality of websites, hidden from the eyes of ordinary Internet users. You will not find them through your favorite search engine; this is a part of the network that is hidden from prying eyes. It has its own laws and rules that have nothing to do with generally accepted, and sometimes even violate them. I will try to tell you about what Darknet is and what every person who wants to get there needs to know.


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For investors, users of various social networks, miners and traders, the anonymity of a higher rank for working in the network has ceased to be a compromise, and has become a mandatory item for execution. Today, this applies to everyone, regardless of the field of activity. The materials of my rubric will practically show why it is necessary to observe anonymity when working with different gadgets on the Internet, and also explain in detail how to do this.

Anonymity on the Internet is the best way to become invisible and protect yourself in the Global Network

In the column reviews I’ll talk about VPN and how to use it to maximize the protection of my data, including the point of access to the network. Carefully consider how proxy services work. After the legislative changes have changed the principle of work in the telegram, it has become difficult for the residents of the Russian Federation to use this network, and even more so to preserve anonymity in it.

What can be found on Darknet, and can someone find you there? For maximum anonymity, you can download links to familiar working resources to the torus, and go online using this browser. In the materials that are constantly updated, I will tell you how to set up anonymity in the firefox browser on PC or mobile devices. Recommendations on maintaining anonymity and security in VC and other social networks will be useful to regular users of social networks.

What does it mean to be anonymous?

  • Secure yourself.
  • Minimize the risk of hacking accounts.
  • Maintain confidentiality of visits to sites.
  • Do not depend on anyone.

Recommendations and tips will be useful if you frequently travel the world, and are not required to know the rules of access to certain sites in a particular new country.

Who needs your confidential data?

First of all, they are hackers. Secondly, representatives of regulatory bodies, who understand the concept of anonymity and its framework on the Internet, and adopt a law, which is not always really necessary and effective. Thirdly, extortionists who infect your PC or mobile device and then begin the active stage of threats and blackmail. In my materials I will tell you how to make your personal data and online behavior only yours, not the public domain. How not only to ensure high anonymity, but also to constantly maintain it on the Internet and which programs for certain operating systems are needed for this - all this is in the heading materials.

What can network openness lead to?

Working with finances, negligence in using browsers, weak passwords on personal pages in Internet banking, EPS accounts or cryptographic cards can activate hackers who can steal whole capital. It is important to know how to ensure anonymity for work and personal surfing on the Internet in order to feel comfortable and protected, and not to watch the threatening letters in the SPAM folder.

Who is imperative to observe anonymity?

  • Residents of countries where access to the network or access to sites is prohibited.
  • Frequent users of payment systems.
  • Active users of social networks.
  • Anyone who does not like to be watched.

To work, sleep and live in peace you should constantly remember the rules of digital security, and my GQ Blog Monitor will help with this.

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