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Tender Expert: review and reviews on tender-expert.net - dynamic rates in rubles and dollars with an income of 2% per day

The Tender Expert project (official site of tender-expert.net) has been on the market for some time, and I decided to take it to my blog, analyzing the development. The main message put forward by the administrator: “We win. You earn. ”

The list of investment projects enriches the site with official registration in the UK, and this is always a positive moment. Another plus aspect: all deposits of up to $ 8 million are insured by RSA INSURANCE GROUP.

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Moriarty: review and reviews moriart.io - economic game on a smart contract Ethereum from 1% per day

The Moriarty platform (moriart.io official website) is a unique, well-prepared project presented in the form of an economic game. The principle is that the player is opposed by his greed, and this is perhaps one of the worst enemies and at the same time effective motivators.

The main thing is to have time to press a button and take your money, although the prospect of getting a big jackpot beckons you and you will have to overcome your greed. The unique game solution was done very well, and it can be seen that the project is definitely not a one-day one and everyone can make money on it. The game has many mathematical skills that were inherent in the genius of the mathematical world - Professor Moriarty.

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Teoricon Capital: review and reviews on Teoricon.capital - packages and shares within the presale from the venture fund

The list of projects on my blog is supplemented by the new generation venture fund Teoricon Capital (official website: Teoricon.capital). This is a development team united by global goals. Specialists provided investors with the opportunity not to wait for a long time to receive income, but to significantly increase profits in a short time.

Despite the fact that the official start is scheduled for November 1, presale shares are already being held. A well-built roadmap, which ends with the 6 stage - the release of its own cryptocurrency, also attracts.

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Reviews and review of the Qcomment exchange - how to cooperate and how much you can earn

I continue to fill out the “No Investments” section, and this time about feedback about the Qcomment exchange (official site: qcomment.ru), what it is famous for, what tasks it offers and how much it can earn for beginners and professionals.

To date, more than 47 million orders of various types have been successfully executed on the exchange, and, of course, such a figure deserves respect. Approximately 31 thousand works are performed daily, and then I will tell you how to increase this indicator by your own efforts.

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Bigmoney City: Bigmoney.city - an economic game with many tariffs and income of 17% per month

When a novelty in the form of an economic online game hits a blog, it always attracts the attention of investors due to the fact that you can get money and spend interesting time. The main message put forward by the administrator on the official site of the Bigmoney City site (official site of bigmoney.city) is "you can earn money faster than it seems."

Currently, the site is interested in more than 1900 customers. The principle of the game is simple: buying objects, building a trading strategy, generating income. You can engage in oil production and refining, passenger transportation, trading on the stock exchange, gas stations, pizzerias, burgers and ice cream parlors. It is important to regularly enter the game, complete tasks, or you can buy assistant robots that will do this automatically for you.

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HYIP investor rules - what to do to get a stable income

Investors in online projects have long become full-fledged participants in the investment market, and many of my partners managed to appreciate the advantages of this type of investment. In a recent article I’ll talk about what rules will help increase revenue and minimize risks.

These tips, recommendations, whatever you call them, as for me, are mandatory for everyone - regardless of whether you invest $ 500 in total or work with larger amounts, are suitable for beginners and experienced investors and, most importantly, are collected and honed from their own experience.

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Review off-blog projects from GQ - 20.01.2020

Namaste friends! On the whole, the market thaws a little and comes into shape after the holidays, but you cannot call it productive, active and such that it allows you to find investment sites that are good from all aspects.

So far, top administrators are in no hurry to enter the market, but maybe already at this working seven-day day the situation will change for the better for us. A little about those platforms that go on the network, but something repels me in them or, on the contrary, attracts me.

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TextSale.ru reviews - how profitable is it to work with a content store?

The TextSale site began operations in 2007, but it never received much success. For the first few years of operation, the list of users has become about 200-250 thousand, but this is not a very large indicator. At the same time, the authors continue to have a platform for earning money on the network today, and I’ll try to figure out how it keeps afloat.

I must say right away: before us is more likely an article exchange, a content supermarket, as a usual exchange in its understanding, where customers and performers come together, there is a “struggle” for each task. Currently, almost 180 thousand ready-made articles for sale are available.

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Blog report for the period 13.01 - 19.01: where is the money for TON and how many officials steal from the federal budget

Namaste friends! Sunday evening, which means it’s time to take stock of the past working week, which, by the way, turned out to be quite productive. Vladimir Putin spoke to the Federal Assembly, Dmitry Medvedev resigned, but at the moment it is already known who will head the new government.

In today's report, I’ll talk about the important decision of the New York court for Telegram, about how often officials steal from the federal budget, and note that this does not take into account the local and regional treasury. I’ll bring up the topic of Venezuela in the report, possible de-dollarization, and the details of the news about how effective the introduction of maternity capital has become.

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Review and reviews Onioni.am - a piggy bank with loyal working conditions and a profit of 2% per day

A new investment project Onioni.am on the blog and a new opportunity to earn income, especially since the project is from different positions: both technology and marketing.

The slogan of the project is “Net money from shadow schemes” and it is quite atypical and captivating. This year this is the first piggy bank on the blog, and I hope that it will work at its best, making it a good profit. The site was launched on January 15 and has already become popular among potential investors.