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Teoricon.capital review and feedback - packages and shares in the framework of the presale from the venture fund

The list of projects on my blog is supplemented by a new generation venture fund. This is a development team united by global goals. Specialists provided investors with the opportunity not to wait for a long time to receive income, but to significantly increase profits in a short time.

Despite the fact that the official start is scheduled for November 1, presale shares are already being held. A well-built roadmap, which ends with the 6 stage - the release of its own cryptocurrency, also attracts.

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Jeff Bezos - Portrait of the financial genius who founded Amazon

Jeffrey Preston Bezos for several years in a row ranked first in the list of wealthy people in the world, but this year dropped to 2 position. This American entrepreneur has something to be proud of - he made a huge fortune, while growing up in a very ordinary family, but seized the chance from destiny to the full.

Among the basic rules of his success, he calls maintaining children's curiosity, maintaining a balance between work and life, as well as refusing multitasking: if you have breakfast with your family, it means only breakfast, if you answer calls, it means doing just that.

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How to make money for the New Year with minimal investment and giving pleasant emotions?

How to make money for the New Year and directly on New Year's Eve will tell my article, which proves: it is not at all necessary to graduate from the Shchukin School in order to become the best Santa Claus and receive up to 1000 rubles for 15-30 minutes of work. After reading the proposed methods, make sure: the author’s design of the premises and the unique turnkey content for firms in the New Year and Christmas season can bring up to 3000 rubles per day.

And even if you are not a photographer, you can still make money on photo sets not only for a person with a camera. And offers for offline or online trading have not been canceled either. In general, December and the first half of January are a great opportunity to feel the spirit of the holiday and make money, and my tips will help simplify and streamline the process.

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Blog report for the 25.11 - 01.12 period: the rise in price of coffee and the “round” amount of losses of cryptocurrency owners

Namaste partners! Judging by the Bitcoin exchange rate, which began to plummet rapidly since Monday, for him black Friday began as early as November 25. Billionaires are ready to invest up to 70 trillion in Russian companies. rubles, and while this happens, we will have to fork out today: due to the law on the mandatory labeling of certain goods, a large-scale rise in price of car tires and perfumes is expected.

Want to know how many cryptocurrencies the owners on their wallets have missed since the beginning of the year, and how many cryptocurrency trading platforms have been closed in China - all this is in the report. In addition, innovations on Booking.com and why coffee has risen in price by 25%. Traditionally, I will start with the important news of the week that it was identified.

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Black Gross - an online store with a wide range of accounts in payment services, exchanges, bookmakers

We are used to buying a lot in this life. The Black Gross online store confirms this again, as it offers ready-made and verified accounts on payment systems, exchanges and services, the number of which has crossed over to 50 (!).

Of course, the service is popular among those who invest in online projects, and among those involved in the Internet business; suitable for those who place bets in bookmakers and is indispensable for those who play big at the casino, regularly withdrawing profits. In general, the contingent of the online store is quite extensive, and working with it has its important advantages, which can be found in the article, but in the beginning it is closer about the service.

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What is couchsurfing - the cheapest way to spend the night around the world?

Many people ask: what is this word or phenomenon “couchsurfing”, and in fact it is one of the social networks for travelers, but not for communication, but more for finding an overnight stay.

The online service allows you to find a place to spend the night around the world, and also provide it to other travelers who need it. There are positive aspects of the service (guarantor system), there are negative ones (in particular, as an imperfect feedback system), but in general the resource is praised.

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VKtarget (VkTarget) - an overview of the platform for earning in social networks with minimal effort

VKtarget (VkTarget) - a platform in which tasks for performing in various social networks are collected. It meets advertisers interested in promoting their brand, and job performers - no matter what your education is, where you live, and it is important to fill your page - the more active, the higher the chances of success.

Attracts a clear interface and speed of tasks. I'll start my material with 2's tips for work. If you don’t want to sacrifice a personal page for advertising purposes, then start yourself for such a business not so much fake as a “special” one. And the second - do not leave the group immediately after you have received income for it. This is fraught with a ban. Closer about how to make money on social networks.

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Review off-blog projects from GQ - 25.11.2019

Namaste partners! New addition to the GQ Review section. To begin with, the week was rather boring, there were a lot of scams that they didn’t even wait, or maybe they waited (I felt), but among the projects added to the blog there were only 1. This is a great result, as for me.

That is why I’m convinced once again - I’m doing everything right, that I don’t take absolutely all the projects on the blog that are actively knocking and offer even golden mountains. I’ll pay attention to the sites that are on the network, but have not yet been added due to various reasons on the GQ Blog Monitor.

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Blog report for the 18.11 - 24.11 period: the start of Nord Stream-2 is postponed and the affiliate program from Kraken

Namaste, partners, friends, regular readers and investors who have already appreciated all the charms of passive income! The new blog report is ready for you, and contains interesting news and a summary of the work of GQ Blog this week. While PTS and altcoins are not encouraging, I am pleased with the appearance of partners immediately 2 new headings on the blog, which were very popular among readers.

I’ll talk about the new launch date for Nord Stream-2, about the partnership program of the Kraken crypto exchange, about what an interesting and first IPO took place in the world. Interesting news from Venezuela, as well as accurate information: how much the state will raise money for the first year of the program for voluntary pension contributions. I will stop, as always, at the beginning of the report at all 10 events that defined this week in the world of finance.

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Review and reviews Sportscar-finance.com - 3 of various tariffs by payment type and minimum entry of 1 $ (SCAM)

The project administrator offers us to invest profitably and change our future right now. For this, a company has been created, which is an international dealer in sports cars and is registered in the UK. Both new and used sports cars are offered for sale.

On the official website of the Sportscar-finance.com project, it is specified in order to achieve success, cars are selected that are fully consistent with the tasks set by customers. This allows us to regularly expand our customer base, which means that we, as investors, receive regular income.