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The most expensive computer in the world, its characteristics and who needs a supercar for $ 250 million?

If we are already sitting at home, working remotely, watching movies and sticking to popular games, it's time to talk about what is the most expensive computer in the world and its price in rubles at the beginning of 2020. I must say right away that this PC can be bought by an ordinary user, and not just a scientist, military, statesman for his professional activities.

A computer model does not look like a work of art, but it is quite powerful and functional. I don’t know if you will be surprised, but this is quite familiar to many of us MacPro, which is popularly called the “grater” because of its futuristic design. This “miracle of technology” is worth 5 million rubles - in an equal way, like a small apartment in the suburbs.

Author: Ganesa

We watch films about epidemics and viruses ranking the best - we are waiting for a happy end

Working on today's article, I noticed that films about epidemics and viruses do not just stir up panic, but also make you think about important philosophical questions: what to do when it's scary, but you want life, what sacrifices you can make for salvation and what capable of a person in a pandemic in order to maintain human qualities.

I must say right away: some films are really scary and a big fan, others inspire hope that everything will end, while some are completely documentary and tell from a scientific point of view how to protect yourself from viruses and whether it is realistic to overcome epidemics.

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Review and reviews Golden-mine.pro - 6 mine-tariffs with a profit of up to 90% per month

Novelty on the blog, which means - a new good opportunity to establish or stabilize passive income. According to information on the official website, the Golden-mine.pro project is an online simulator for the extraction of virtual minerals at the rate: 100 silver - 1 ruble. Upon registration, each participant receives a coal mine as a gift.

The game involves the purchase of mines and the extraction of minerals from them. Next, the resulting virtual profit is exchanged for real money and withdraw to your wallets. At the moment, the company has interested almost 71 thousand customers who have invested about 2,6 million rubles and have already received income in the amount of more than 627 thousand rubles. The platform launched on September 11 and during this time managed to become popular among economic games.

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Review off-blog projects from GQ - 06.04.2020

Namaste, partners! Monday is the time not only to sum up the results of the past week in various working matters, to make plans for the upcoming seven-day week, but also to tell you what is happening with the investment market, which projects go on it, but for objective reasons have not yet reached my blog .

For several weeks in a row I have been writing about the fact that the market is boring, uninteresting and so far I cannot please you in the first review for April with the fact that the situation managed to change. Nevertheless, I collected 4 sites for you that look like workers, but I recommend it anyway, if you decide to invest, take a closer look at them and analyze them in detail.

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Coronavirus self-isolation - what is it and how to survive a difficult period?

Self-isolation during coronavirus in our country was supposed to end on April 5, but Rospotrebnadzor explained that the time frame would be increased to break the chain of transmission of coronavirus. Moreover, starting from Monday, in certain areas they plan to introduce an online tracking mode for the movement of people. Currently, 76 regions of the country have patients with Covid-19, and the number of infected has exceeded the mark of 4000 people.

At risk are older people and people who have chronic diseases. The regime of limited movement and permanent stay at home should minimize social contacts, and therefore reduce the risks of infection. The question remains how it will affect the global economy and the wallets of every Russian.

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Blog report for the period 30.03 - 05.04: coronavirus attacks in full, oil prices fall, military-technical cooperation is better than stock markets

Namaste friends! Self-isolation continues, but this is not a reason not to summarize this working week, albeit not very familiar. Did you know that Bitcoin has become better than stock markets in the first quarter of 2020? The French are sympathetic to digital coins, despite the fact that coronavirus is raging in their country.

Today I’ll tell you how many Americans filed a request for compensation in case of loss of employment, as well as what happens to oil, both Russian and Brent. About what restrictions Covid-19 brought for the Russians, and which coin is forbidden for purchase not only for residents of the United States, but also around the world. I must say right away: some figures make you not only surprised, but also think. Traditionally, about 10 events that made this week and will remain in memory for a long time.

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The most dangerous epidemics in the world that we managed to suspend and survive: we believe in the best!

“There is nothing worse than living in an era of change,” the wise Chinese said, and none of us could even imagine that we would have to face an epidemic not just watching movies, but actually living every day. While the top news is coronavirus infection, the pace of its spread, which resembles reports from the fronts, remains the main one for many media outlets, I propose to see what epidemics mankind has already experienced.

There is an opinion that the "planet is tired" and so punishes its inhabitants. There is a lot of talk about whether this is a natural or artificial strain, he left the laboratory in China or the USA. In any case, one must go through this period, protect oneself and loved ones as much as possible, and I recommend using the time to good use - theoretically get acquainted with the diseases that the planet nevertheless coped with.

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Overview and reviews Uniex.biz - cloud mining with a solid working life and a profit of 3% per day

Before us is a project with a long online life. According to information on the official website of Uniex.biz, the project runs 256 days and during this time managed to attract many investors. The main activity is mining various cryptocurrencies and you can monitor this process remotely by clicking Live, which indicates the openness of the site to customers.

The company managed to interest more than 5100 investors, which is not surprising, since cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular, and cloud mining continues to be one of the most popular ways to get coins. To date, attracted more than 121 thousand dollars of investments. The company is officially registered in the UK.

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Dogeminers: review and reviews dogeminers.biz - 4 tariffs from highly profitable with a minimum daily profit of 6%

When a good former partisan with solid work experience appears, and even a highly profitable person, it's time for him to be on my blog. According to legend, the company Dogeminers (official website: dogeminers.biz) - specializes in working with bitcoin futures.

The attraction is that this is not a beginner, but a solid project, which was updated on March 27, and appeared on the network on May 21 last year. I’ll note right away: the site is well prepared, it feels like the TOP administration is at the helm and this is a good opportunity to increase passive income. I take it to a blog and recommend not spending a minute to open a contribution.

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Remote work at home on the Internet - a way to get money and not lose skills in isolation

Today, only the lazy does not say that the business should change, and with it the requirements for market participants. Gone are the days when labor efficiency directly depended on the time that a person spends in the office. Nowadays, the stake is placed on the implementation of KPI, and a wise, competent leader does not really care where the text for the main page of his website is compiled or a project for the future veranda in the hotel is created.

It has been proven: “udalenka” increases in many cases labor productivity, since a person works in comfortable conditions, sleeps more, because he saves time in order to get to the office. Just imagine, 90% of office workers in the Russian Federation would like to switch to this format of work, and starting this week, they have got such a chance.